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100 show up for Playday

Comments by Kay Johnson, 1977

On Labor Day weekend, over 30 riders took a beautiful over-night ride down Glenco Canyon and over Sugarloaf Mountain to the Enchanted Forest of Phil Mason. After a day in the saddle we saw our hardy members square dancing until the wee hours. on Monday over 100 people attended our Playday.


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Doris Sermon remembers

Comments by Doris Sermon, 1977

If I remember right, this all started when Lenore Caudell and Ann Morris wanted to get some women together for riding. After a couple of meetings at Lenore's house, the husbands decided to find out what was going on.

​A committee of Paul Muller, Richard stebbins, Obie Morris, Doris Sermon, Ann Morris met at Muller's to lay out the goals or aims of the group. It was so impromptu that the first minutes were taken on a paper plate. Few people there for those meetings had the slightest notion that things would progress to the present day scope.

​When I moved up here in '64, there were no horses so I rode by myself on lots of little trails that no longer exist. It was a very good way to meet my neighbors. It wasn't long before the horses came and there was always someone to ride with.