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It was great to see a number of adults join the fun this time - Shannon, Kimiko, Sue, Mel, Scott and Rebecca, thank you for participating! We could not have asked for better weather or a nicer crowd. The Dudas Family has this event coordination down to a science from registration to prizes to running the BBQ everything went smoothly. Amber Lydic dragged the arena after the water truck came, Gaye Grant stepped in as announcer for the first half of the show and Karel Waugh took over for the second half. Everyone else pitched in as needed – a true old fashioned community event.

Comments and photos from Summit Rider's monthly Newsletter–November 2013–Thanks Linda Cody, Editor


Fall Play Day

Reported by Dori Contreras

Sunday, Oct. 20 was another fabulous day at the Summit Riders arena on Miller Hill. The final event of the season drew a record crowd with more than 50 people on the grounds and at least 15 horses and riders. The Halloween themed games such as Skeleton Keyhole and Poison Ivy Barrels challenged riders and horses while The Great Dress Up Race drew giggles from the crowd as rides raced to put on a men's shirt, a single glove, a pair of movie star sun glasses and a feather boa. Once "dressed" riders had to run with horse in hand to the finish line. Talk about photo ops! For those without horses, the Stick Horse Race did the trick. The surprisingly popular event had to be run in several heats due to the number of "riders." Cute, cute!