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Horse Show Results
English Novice
Champion: Serena Dudas
Reserve Champion: Brooke Landaiche
Western Novice
Champion: Serena Dudas
Reserve Champion: Emma Casey
35 and Over
Champion: Dian Forbes
Reserve Champion: Karel Waugh
12 & Under
Champion: Eric Contreras
Reserve Champion: Nick Contreras
Western Open
Champion: Emma Casey
Reserve Champion: Brooke Landaiche
There were no English Open hi-point winners

Comments and photos from Summit Rider's monthly Newsletter–September 2010–Thanks Linda Cody, Editor


Summer Horse Show 

Reported by Sally Francy

Our August 29 horse show finished off the season with a bang! The second show in the series for our new High Point system was met with a great deal of enthusiasm. Our thanks to our generous sponsors: Landaiche Horse Training and Lessons, www.ccchorsetraining.com, and Brown’s Arabian Ranch and Supplies, 20300 Almaden Road, San Jose 95120, (408) 268-4980, for providing our high-point winners with lovely belt buckles and anassortment of great prizes. Susanne DePaolis donated lead ropes for our reserve high-point winners. Dori Contreras, our Horse Show Chairperson extraordinaire, did a wonderful job of organizing and pulling together a really fun show, attended by many junior riders and quite an impressive number of “Senior” riders, as well. It was great to see such a large, eager group of participants, especially our young people, who are the future of the sport! We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the event. A perfect day of fun for the last day of summer vacation. Congratulations to all the class winners, and good job, toall the participants!

Thank you to our volunteers:
Judges:Bob & Lori McBride
Announcer:Georgeanna Renouard
(back-up: Connie Goddard and Karel Waugh)
Secretary Booth:Connie Goddard, Sally Francy
Gate:Mick Dudas, Erik Hunnicutt
Ribbon Girls:Cheryl Contreras, Lagi Hunnicutt, Ann Durkes
Chef:Henrik Åberg
Pre-reg, shopping:Ellen & Henrik Åberg
High Point Buckle Sponsor:Sue Landaiche Horse Training
​Also, thank you to Danny Frank who watered the arena for us at 7 a.m on Sunday.